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How Your Attorney Can Represent and Support You

4 Easy-to-Neglect Things Your Wills and Estate Lawyers Should Know

by Hailey Scott

Wills and estate lawyers rely on the information and explicit instructions you give when drafting your will. You can expect some questions from the attorneys, and it is generally a back-and-forth exchange.

That said, wills and estate lawyers require that you give as much information as you can. You cannot afford to leave out even these seemingly small details. Why this is the case is because these same details can significantly impact your estate plan.

As you prepare to sit down with wills and estate lawyers, here are some of the critical details you should not neglect to share.

1.      Estrangement Issues

Estranged children and any other relations may, down the road, apply for provision against your estate. Once these claims against your estate are made and there is a ruling in favour of the claimants, it will certainly affect the entitlements of your named beneficiaries.

2.      Recent or Impeding Change In Marital Status

Marriage and divorce will generally lead to certain terms of your will being revoked. Disclose this information to your wills and estate lawyers, and they will review your will after a divorce or include a clause that prevents your impending marriage from revoking the terms defined therein.

You must get a lawyer to review your will as soon as possible after your divorce. Similarly, do not be in a rush to sign that certificate of marriage before the attorneys make the necessary inclusions in your will.

3.      Your Being A Trustee

If you are acting as a trustee, be sure to share this piece of information with your wills and estate lawyers. Any monies or assets that you may be holding on trust are not a part of your estate, and you should make no mistake in including them in your estate plan.

An expert lawyer will ask to have a look at and carefully consider the terms of your trusteeship. It is based on this assessment that the lawyer will make an informed decision of whether or not your trusteeship should be addressed in the will.

4.      Overseas Assets

Your wills and estate lawyers can give you sound and expert legal advice on what you can do and the provisions to make in ensuring that the administration of these overseas assets is much easier on your estate executor.

Wills and estate lawyers will encourage you to be as forthcoming as you can be about the highlighted, among other details. Ensure that you do not hold back. For more information speak with an attorney about wills and estates