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How Your Attorney Can Represent and Support You

Child Custody Agreements a Family Lawyer Can Help You Get

by Hailey Scott

Life does not always go as planned. When couples are getting married, they have dreams of having a beautiful family forever. Unfortunately, some experience marital challenges after several years, forcing them to divorce and live separately. When this happens, the divorcees have to formulate custody agreements to guide them on how to take care of their kids.

Formatting these agreements is challenging, especially if you are not well-versed with the law. Hiring a family law solicitor is recommended in this situation. They'll help you formulate agreements that favour you from the various options available, such as the following:

1. Alternate Weekends 

An alternate weekend agreement is a common arrangement among divorced couples. In this scenario, your spouse picks up the kids on Friday after school and stays with them until Sunday evening or Monday morning. Of course, it's a favourable arrangement if you're the one staying with the kids the rest of the weekdays. It enables you to spend quality time with them. However, if you will be seeing them on weekends only, it might affect the connection you have already established with the little ones. Therefore, hire a seasoned family lawyer to help you get the best deal out of the agreement.

2. Alternate Weeks

In this agreement, both parents live with the kids in alternate weeks. It means your kids stay at your house for one week and move to your spouse's place on the next one. The arrangement is reasonable because each spouse gets to spend equal time with the kids. However, the movements can interfere with children's studies and social life. Living in the same area allows your kids to retain their friends and playmates. If this is not your preferred agreement, talk to your family lawyer to get an alternative option.

3. School Holidays

If you or your spouse moves to a different state or location, it might be challenging to achieve the first two agreements. In this case, a school holiday agreement might be the best option. One of you will be staying with the kids when schools are open, and the other will take over during the holidays. Depending on what you agree, you can either pick up the kids or have your partner bring them over to your house. 

Living away from your kids can be stressful. Therefore, you must strive to formulate custody agreements that will allow you quality time with the children. With the help of a diligent and proficient family law solicitor, you will get an agreement that works best for you and doesn't disrupt the kids' lives.