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If you are facing legal problems of any kind, you may be feeling anxious about them. Getting in touch with an attorney is a fantastic way of dealing with your legal problems head-on. However, lots of people avoid approaching an attorney because they do not understand the different ways in which a legal professional can help them. Although this blog is written by amateurs, our aim is to help you to understand the law and how an attorney can help you in court. Read on to find out about the difference between civil and criminal law, divorce, and issues will wills and estates.



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How Your Attorney Can Represent and Support You

Two Scenarios You Might Require The Services Of Family Law Solicitors

by Hailey Scott

Family law solicitors usually handle cases related to problems in a marriage. However, the first step is usually avoiding court entirely by acting as mediators. The reason behind this is that no one likes the tedious court work, the expenses that come with taking a case to court, the emotional and physical turmoil brought onto the families, especially children, the unexpected outcomes in rulings, etc.

If mediation does not work, a case has to be taken to court for a judge to make a ruling. Here are two scenarios that require the services of family law solicitors:


There are two types of divorce:

A Calm Divorce

A couple can come to an understanding that things are not working out and both agree to divorce and share out property equally. If there are children, they can find an amicable way to spend time with them without problems. If you are such a couple, you only need to get the divorce papers, sign them and lodge them in a court. Your family law solicitor can do this for you.

A Bitter Divorce

Some divorces can result from one party being cheated on continuously or being frequently disrespected. The bitter party usually wants custody of the children and a bigger share of the property the couple owns. Problems arise when the other party neither wants to give up child custody nor the huge share of the property. Such cases are usually emotional and difficult and are approached with care. It is important to choose a good family law solicitor who is calm and not capable of aggravating the situation, especially if you are in the wrong.  

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence does not necessarily mean physical abuse; it can be emotional, sexual, spiritual/religious, economical, verbal, social, cultural, etc. This is even considered a crime and police can intervene, especially where the violence is physical.

A family law solicitor helps prove that you have genuinely suffered domestic violence and helps you get justice. Why the term "genuinely"? It is not uncommon to find a party playing a victim of domestic violence and making the other appear guilty for financial gain. That is why family law solicitors are trained to look for irrefutable proof that domestic violence is taking place.

When Hiring a Family Law Solicitor

It is important to note that when hiring a family law solicitor, you should check whether he or she specialises in your particular case. You might find family solicitors who only deal with divorce cases related to domestic violence and others who only deal with divorce cases related to cheating and custody. You can also find one who handles all cases related to divorce whatever the reason for divorce is.